St Piran’s Day and 35 year Lunch for Cornish in NSW

Forty five members of the Cornish Association of NSW (Australia) and Celtic guests from Manx, Scots, and Welsh groups met at West Ryde, on Saturday 6th March, 2010 at a lunch for Perrantide, to honour Saint Piran, and to celebrate the Association’s 35th year.

Celtic Council Convenor Margaret Sharpe, of the Manx Society of NSW, (L) cuts the 35 yr cake (with Jennifer Meston)

Every year there is a theme set by the table decorations. One year Cornish Lighthouses, another Cornish Woods, The Isles of Scilly, and this year each table had decorations of the wonderful returning Cornish Choughs on the Cornish cliffs. A big thank you to Jennifer Meston, again!

As well as the fine buffet everyone enjoyed Celtic music, and singing in English and Cornish.  A grace in Cornish, toasts to St Piran and the Cornish and to Australia, singing of Cornish songs, not to mention good Cornish and Celtic company, made for a great day.

Archive article from: Cornish Association of NSW