The Carews of Antony House

The sad story of Alexander and John Carew

2011 UK Census – Identifing yourself as Cornish!

Information about describing yourself as ‘Cornish’ in the upcoming census

The Plymouth Blitz in 1941

By Tom Bowden I was ten years old when the war started on 3rd September 1939 and I was a schoolboy living in Torpoint on the Cornish side of the…

Stephen Richardson: Not So Delectable Duchy…

The Duchy of Cornwall was created in 1337 by a Royal Charter of Edward III. The Charter confirmed the status of Cornwall as being extra-territorial to England. Today there is much controversy about the importance of the Duchy. Is it just a ‘quirk’ of ancient history that has no purpose other than the purely ceremonial or is it the constitutional and legal basis of a Cornwall independent of England? Read more

[Bewnans Kernow] Cultural cooperation latest news and background

Bewnans Kernow  (the Partnership of Cornish Cultural Organisations) is set for a big 2011, having completed the all important nine month review with Cornwall Council on 20 October 2010. Bewnans…

[Bewnans Kernow] 2011 BK Conference for cultural organisations

Bewnans Kernow 2011 Conference Theme: ‘Cornish Identity – Good for business’ Welcome & introduction: Presenters: Cllr Pat Harvey, Chair, Cornwall Council – Cllr Alec Robertson. Leader, Cornwall Council – Mick…

Torpoint – An 18th Century New Town

by Tom Bowden Most Cornishmen will recognise Torpoint as that Cornish town on the banks of the River Tamar where you wait for the ferry before tasting the pleasures of…


With the start of a New Year it is useful to reflect on some of the more political developments that have taken place in the Celtic countries over the course…

J. & T. Bowden: Boat Builders of Porthleven

Tom Bowden talks about his great-grandfather’s Porthleven boat building business, an emigration to Australia and a reunion in 1989.

Chris Dunkerley: Mebyon Kernow – 60 Years on – and still looking good!

As Mebyon Kernow – The Party for Cornwall, held its National Conference last month, and now looks to build for the future of the Duchy, it also looks back over the past 60 years that have been significant for Kernow.
The inaugural meeting of what was called just Mebyon Kernow (meaning Sons of Cornwall in Kernewek) took place almost 60 years ago, on Saturday 6th January 1951, at Oates Hotel in Redruth.
There were thirteen people present and a further seven sent their apologies. Among that score of founder members were four future Grand Bards and a future university professor, and… Read more